For the love of acting

Finding the right person to play Charlotte was no mean feat. A complicated character, she lives with a secret that claws away inside her. She may not be instantly likeable but she is not a bad person, she has just made some bad decisions in life.

When we saw Abbie performing, we immediately knew she could bring complexity and vulnerability to Charlotte, whilst still portraying her as a strong woman. Her chemistry with both Isaac (Dan) and Luke (Samuel) was obvious from the beginning and her disdain for Samuel infectiously oozes from the screen.


Understanding the spirit of truly indie filmmaking, Abbie even came and helped out on set during her one rest day and we learnt that this talented woman likes to keep busy. Finding time in between her current projects, she answered our three quickfire questions with a smile.

Why did you want to portray Charlotte?

I'm always drawn to complex characters and found the role of Charlotte to be just that. There are a few layers to her and she isn't really "liked" throughout the film. I find roles like this of particular interest because they are not easy to play! As the story unfolds it is clear to see that Charlotte has a very troubled side and she is constantly back peddling when confronted by Samuel, only making things worse for herself. 

Best memory on set

My best memory on set was the scene at the garage. I remember us pulling up into the garage and the crew were all there. The sun was shining through the clouds and I was doing a film with two talented actors who also happen to be my friends. We have all come so far together and I remember thinking, these are the best days of my life. This is what it's all about. As we began to shoot the scene between Luke (Samuel) and myself, after Isaac (Dan) had left the car, my mind seemed to go blank. I couldn't seem to get my dialogue across and wound up going round in circles, but as we continued I realised that that is the story of Charlotte. She is on a continuous merry-go-round that she can't seem to get off, isolating herself from everyone. My instincts were kicking in, I was totally connected to who Charlotte was. It was an incredible feeling. I realised then two of the best things 1. I have already come so far on this journey and 2. I still have so much further to go! 

Favourite thriller

My favourite thriller film would have to be The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version). I've read the books and seen both versions of the film and think it is so raw, there is so much going on and it really leaves an impression. That's what film acting is all about, being real and leaving a lasting impression.