Girl Power and keeping the show on the road

Never without a smile, probably wearing dungarees and most definitely doing a high kick - it’s our First Assistant Director, Charlie. It’s not an overstatement to say how much this woman did on set, multi tasking and keeping everyone happy and organised. 


When we embarked on finding crew and putting together the film, Charlie was our first port of call. Longtime collaborator and friend, she knows how to keep a production rolling and with just six shoot days, it was a tall order. From schedules to call sheets to on set shenanigans, she was the go-to woman, keeping the cogs of the production running smoothly.

So find out more about those high kicks, car boot breakfasts and how she kept the show on the road. 

Was it a challenge keeping the shoot on schedule?

The challenge with Passenger was communication, with three cars tailing each other for the majority of the shoot we were communicating through mobile phones, it just adds another barrier between me and the director. We had to be really clear what our priorities were at the beginning of each day and one lunch breaks. We were also fighting against the daylight and making sure there weren't too many cars on the road. I remember drawing up the schedule for day 1 and thinking ... are we really going to do this many pages, but then we ended up doing 18 in a day. The actors and whole crew were so focussed it was like doing a play rather than a film shoot. The key is pre-production. If we hadn't spent the time painstakingly planning we wouldn't have managed it all. 

What's your best memory on set?

 The car boot breakfasts! Our unit base was a car park in a small town in Hampshire. There was very little there and I think the locals thought we were crazy turning up and eating croissants from a car boot at the crack of dawn every morning.  Everyone would crowd around my car to get some grub and a cup of tea, it was so nice to work with a cast and crew where everyone gets along so well and we were all really pumped for the day ahead. The camaraderie from everyone was really nice and even on the rainy days no one minded roughing it.  Also high kicks. I don't know why but a classic Mel C Spice Girl high kick became the weird thing we all did. On every shoot there is something weird that infects everyone. This time is was a high kick!

What's your favourite thriller film?

Rear Window is my favourite thriller. I love the glamour, the set design and I'm a sucker for the romance mixed in. It's just such a classy film, the cinematography is really beautiful too. I want to make a film with a set like that one day, to keep everything so contained but keep the story feeling big is amazing.