The visual magician

Ask Elena to find you a stuffed fake giraffe with rubies for eyes and the chances are she’ll find you two. We didn’t need actually one for this shoot, but you get the general idea. Art Director extraordinaire, Elena can turn the most mundane set in to a characterful, eye catching location. However, don’t be alarmed. Her transformative power is no witchcraft, it’s just hard work, talent and an amazing eye.


Having worked with Elena on three short films and one feature, we know that not only is she brilliant at her job, she is also great to have on set. Fun, charming and full of facts, she’s always there to help. When you see The Passenger, keep your eyes keenly peeled and you might just spot her during her small cafe cameo. Before then, discover what is it really like to be inside the mind of Elena….

How easy was it working on a small budget?  

For this kind of film, it was relatively simple - I already owned everything needed for the inside of the car, gathering bits and pieces which I thought would work well with the characters or borrowing certain items from the crew, such as the leather satchel or smart black wedding shoes. As always, my parents are my biggest source of inspiration - thanks for the watch and the torch dad! Small budgets are always relative to what is being asked of you and the department, and The Passenger made my job a very smooth ride (enjoy the pun)!

What is your best memory on set?

Maj doing the BTS and giving us all a chance to chat and act silly, making it such a relaxed and warm atmosphere! I also thoroughly enjoyed driving (or getting driven should I say) around the English countryside, giving me a chance to explore places I had never been to before.

What is your favourite thriller?  

Tough question! Has to be... Victoria for sure. Great car scenes too!