The Chameleon

During rehearsals and when the camera’s started rolling, the genuine and ever smiling Luke Christian, transformed before our eyes. From within, emerged the dark and disturbed character of Samuel Antony and once he was out of the box, we knew we ‘d struck gold.

With an amazing on screen presence, Luke conveyed the dual nature of Samuel and his arrogant, self righteous behaviour. Thankfully (for us) Luke re-emerged in between scenes and we got to breathe a sigh of relief. Funny and hard working, he was supportive of everyone on set and entertained us with some priceless stories. In return, he was lucky enough to have his very own personal tour of our locations by our First AD Charlie - quite the eye opener!

A joy to work with, Luke’s performance speaks for itself, so we figured we’d send him our questions and let him do the talking.


Why did you want to portray Samuel?

The character wasn’t explosive or using his body weight, or being a tough guy. He was quite an intellectual and I’ve never been given a character like that to portray and it was a challenge. It was great. I want to be an acting chameleon, provoking people to say ‘Oh, that was you? You did that?’

Best memory on set?

I have two favourite memories from the shoot. The first is between myself and Dan (Isaac) on the night shoot when we shot the final scene. In the moment, I was so involved in the scene and felt such a connection with the action, Brian allowed us to carry on rolling and it was amazing. Also at the petrol station with Charlotte (Abbie). I loved toying with her, it was amazing. Overall I just really enjoyed the challenge of playing the role of Samuel.

What’s your favourite thriller?

Scorsese's Cape Fear. I love De Niro’s character in that film. He so good at crawling under your skin and so minimal which I love. He is by far one of my favourite actors and someone I aspire to be.