The morning after a family wedding, Charlotte and Dan Edmunds begin their long journey home. Hungover and arguing, they narrowly avoid hitting a broken down motorist. However, this is no random near miss. The man by the side of the road is Samuel, a colleague of Dan’s. Righteous and determined, he is there to force Charlotte in to admitting her affair. But a confession may not be enough. With Dan naively complicit in Samuel’s appearance, he realises far too late the danger he has invited in to their world.


A naive young husband must face down his obsessive and psychotic friend when their plan to elicit a confession from his adulterous wife ends in murder.


Lies and deceit always fail


Charlotte Edmunds has a secret, but perhaps she's not the only one. Her husband Dan has not been truthful with anyone, least of all himself. And then there's Dan's colleague, Samuel. A man full of integrity. Head and shoulders above us all, or so he believes. When circumstance brings these three together, there is no turning back and their secrets are revealed. No one is entirely innocent.